Tuition Policy

What are you paying for today?

$58/month for one class per week September through June(10 months). Tuition is due the first class of the month - regardless of attendance.  Classes may be made up.
$275 per semester when paid by the first class of the first month. September/February  5% discount
$520 per year when paid by first class in September.  10% discount.
Please include the name of the student whose tuition is being paid.
TUITION, which you may pay using PayPal, above, if you wish, is due by the first class of each month or session. Checks payable to Art Moves may be sent to 13 Cottage St, Norway, ME 04268.
*Tuition, and our curriculum, is designed on a 10 month calendar.  $65/month for a minimum of 4 consecutive months if that cannot be the case. Please keep us informed so we may offer the best learning environment for all.
ADULT DROP-IN  $16   10-class card $150 to be used within 3 months.

Please pay as much as you can, but not more than you can.* The important thing is to pay on time, and contact Debi in advance when you can't.  Most of us experience financial hardship at some point.  Communicate.

You may also pay toward the tuition of our scholarship students.


*It is better to pay a little than nothing at all.  Every little bit helps.

Work/Study Scholarship plans for full time students with financial need.  As with Tuition, the work is due whether or not class is attended.  Please request and arrange accordingly!     ~RESPECT~

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