Debi Irons dances because the music makes her - as a performer, improvising to LIVE JAZZ music is the ideal.  As a choreographer - making the audio visual.  As an educator - seeing the music come alive in her students.  As a collaborative artist  - bringing ideas to fruition together.

Debi Irons - contemporary dancer/choreographer/educator - is a Maine native. Mother of two adult sons, who has been dancing her entire life. She has choreographed, performed, and/or taught on both coasts of the United States, in Brazil and Japan. Her VariantJazz (contemporary) method of dance education combines technique with self-expression and creativity. She works all over the state of Maine, including at Bates College, and has had a studio for 24 years in Norway, called ART MOVES, also home to outreach performing and teaching programs of the same name.   Irons has danced for jazz musicians and worked with many artists, presently for Esduardo Mariscal in his LUZ; Back to Brasil with Daielma Santos & Art Moves Dance Co. was fun;    MID-LIFE RIOT with Santos and Sara Whale is a dream project. She is collaborating with composer Philip Jackson on  ACORDA! (wake up!) which began at Bates College in 2011 and has taken them across the United States and into Brazil so far - in search of an ideal.

If you'd like to download and read Debi Irons's CV, click here.

Rates begin at $100, plus travel.  Irons is happy to  collaborate on grants.

Irons is available also to:

  • direct shows
  • choreograph part or all of a show
  • teach - one time or ongoing classes in VARIANT (contemporary) - hybrid of dance styles below
  • jazz, modern, ballet technique, world, street and theatre.
  • perform - one or two dances within a show
  • or an entire performance.

Irons is a catalyst who brings out the talent and creativity of those she works with.

For Students:
In your school, as part of your PE, Art, Music or other school curriculum - Students will learn and employ the techniques and concepts of dance in a creative and interactive process. one school day - call for more info!

For Teachers:
Held in the spacious Art Moves Dance Studio or your place  - A full and fun day of techniques, tools, and ideas you can combine with your own to give immediately to your students. Only a sense of humor is required! 5 Hour Workshop - call for more info!


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