Art Moves opened as a  VARIANT dance studio in 1988

on the third floor of 13 Cottage St. in Norway, Maine where it remains today.                                             Debi Irons developed the VARIANT method of dance education, combining healthy technique                 with self-expression and creativity to foster individual confidence.

VARIANT is a hybrid of musically derived dance forms.

At Art Moves we focus on the art of dance education: technique, creativity, and expression! Socks are worn on the feet and danceable clothes on the body, like unitards, leggings, shorts, etc. . You will not be required to buy expensive shoes, costumes and/or photos.

  • Structure for technique and safety
  • Space for comfort and extension
  • Time to discover and improve
  • Freedom to experiment and express

Art Moves is the idea that  art moves us - body, mind, spirit, and emotion.

Art Moves is the idea that when we move, art is moving. Movement is art.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The way it feels to dance

Gather 5  friends, contact us, and create your own dance class!

There is one rule at Art Moves
yourself, each other & the space.
We recycle and keep things tidy!

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