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WINTER SCHEDULE JANUARY 3RD THROUGH MARCH.   $165 for 3 months for one class per week.  Pay in full by the first class for a 5% discount.

Ages are quidelines, so please inquire if you or yours wants to dance.  Compatibility in a dance class is a very unpredictable thing!

Creating an environment for joyful discovery is the thing.

One is willing to work much harder for one's own outcome.

Generations - Have you always wanted to take a class with a friend or relative from another generation?  Although it's been happening for all eternity, why not have a dance class for it?!  Sign up today!


Join a class TODAY! $55/mo one class per week per person.


Inquire. Subject to change.

Debi irons is teaching her  original VARIANT Jazz for all ages and levels.  VARIANT is a hybrid of musically derived dance forms.   Unite in a love of dance.  Delight in our individuality.

combining healthy technique with self-expression & creativity

Debi teaches VARIANT, OLD OLD OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP, JAZZ, & TECHNIQUE and is open to new ideas and requests!  BLUE JAZZ refers to a fluid quality and social/spiritual content.  Middle School through Adult.

Kids classes are one hour.  Teen and Adult classes are sometimes  longer, depending on stamina and desire :)

TECHNIQUE for the serious student 9+ - placement, alignment, and a deeper sense of where in the body and through space movement comes from.  Most beneficial for young dancers when accompanied by a Variant class.

TAP, HIP-HOP,  & MORE AT EXPANSION ARTS!   207-890-0514 Sasha

Intermediate and advanced week-long summer workshops.

Comfortable clothing may be worn that provides freedom of movement.       Socks and bare feet on the dance floor.      Preparation leads to a pleasurable dance class!

Download our printable registration form.

There is one rule at Art Moves
yourself, each other & the space.
We recycle and keep things tidy!


Would you like to sponsor a Dancer?

If so, ask Debi how.



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