VARIANT ~ Technique ~ Hip-Hop ~ Tap

We offer Debi irons' original VARIANT Jazz for all ages and levels.  VARIANT is a hybrid of musically derived dance forms.

combining healthy technique with self-expression & creativity


Kids classes are one hour.  Teen and Adult classes are longer.

HIP-HOP for teens and adults  -  fresh and fundamental

TECHNIQUE for the serious student 11+ - placement, alignment, and a deeper sense of where in the body and through space movement comes from.  Most beneficial for young dancers with a variant class. Debi & Sasha

DETAILS:  please email Debi at or, for TAP (NOW AVAILABLE FOR AGES 7 & UP!!!   contact Sasha at  or 207-890-0514!

PLEASE CHECK BACK for other classes & REQUESTS!

Workshops throughout the year.

Intermediate and advanced week-long summer workshops.

Comfortable clothing may be worn that provides freedom of movement.       Socks and bare feet on the dance floor.      Preparation leads to a pleasurable dance class!

Download our printable registration form.

There is one rule at Art Moves
yourself, each other & the space.
We recycle and keep things tidy!


Would you like to sponsor a Dancer?

If so, ask Debi how.

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